Friday, June 5, 2015

Modern Art: Transformations

Hey Jammers, Mia here. Once again, long time no post. Anyway, today I was in the Art Studio (within Coral Canyons), and decided to make a few pieces of art. I call these "Modern Art Transformations" because, after creating one piece, I decided to completely smudge it. 
 Above is the 'first draft'. I randomly started applying squares to the blank canvas, and then dumped colored paint in random places.
Here is the 'second draft', in which I sent to AJHQ. I used the smudge option, and, going a bit over-the-top, smudged the entire thing. xD I also added the "Animal Jam Rocks!" for good measure, though my computer handwriting is absolutely TERRIBLE. lol

Anyway, sorry I haven't posted very much lately. I still like art, and I hope that Chi (Bluecat722) still reads this blog, but I have been swamped in school and gymnastics. Luckily, however, I got out of school yesterday, so now it's Summer! YES! Summer is just as stressful, if not more, as the school year, though. Meet season in gymnastics is coming to a close, but we still have Regionals (which are tomorrow), Nationals, and Worlds (If I qualify at Regionals). I'm really excited for all of the upcoming meets, however, I have to dedicate most of my free time to gymnastics and practicing routines. 
Though I highly doubt that I still have any readers on this blog, I hope that you understand my situation. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Hey Jammers! Wow. Haven't posted in a few years. Yikes. Sorry everyone (if anyone actually still reads this, lol). On AJ today, I was bored and started to mess around with the various brushed in the Paint game, and this was the result:
Excuse my horrific computer handwriting...
I know it is rather abstract, weird, and terrible, but I felt like I owed this blog a post. Anyway, recently I have been drawing more gymnastics inspired art-- would you be interested in seeing me post some of it? 

Sadly, that is all the time I have today to post here. :( I have a gymnastics meet tomorrow, so I need to go prepare for that. Bye everyone!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fail horse drawing

Hey guys! Long time no see... Well I haven't posted in forever, all thoughh I doubt anyone reads this blog....😂lol

Behold my fail horse!! It looks cross-eyed. Lol. ;-;


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer art stuff... :P

Hey Jammers! Today I have some random art that I have done over the past couple of months. Now I don't think it is very good, but here it is. xD
 First, I have a chalk drawing of a rainbow. My worst yet. Lol. It's (sort of) a rainbow. More epic fail-ish on my part. :P
 Next... I got new pastels! Well, I got them from a family friend of my grandparents. His wife died and he thought I would like these pastels that she used to use. So now I have pastels! :)
 Here are all of them. Aren't they pretty? :D
 And finally I have a impatient plant (Yes, that is actually what the flower is called. LOL) and I decided to draw it. It's this very vibrant pink/red color... I could not get it in colored pencil. I will most definitely use my new pastels next time. Sorry, not very good art this time (and not much art! :P) but I hope you enjoyed! Btw, I just want to thank Ilovecutechihuahuas for commenting on here so much! She one of my BFF's in AJ! :DD